I am a guitarist that loves playing anything. But my main focus wants to be a core related band.
What we have so far:
Guitarist: Me
Singer/Screamer: my friend
and maybe another guitarist if needed

at least 2 years of experience or if you can do a lot of core songs, a little soloing experience

We live in Barrington Rhode Island, very small town. Maybe 15-30 minutes from Providence.
Guitars/ Basses:
PRS SE singlecut w/Tremolo
Epiphone Sg
Epiphone Thunderbird

Waiting in the wings:
Squier Strat mod
(soon to start)

Line 6 Spider JAM
Peavey Max 115 bass amp
wassup? Im Brian 25 love to jam and chill. I have a ESP Bass and Peavey 100 Watt amp. I play mostly by ear and have been playing bass for over 4 years and been performing for about fifteen years. I play Saxophone too lol. I can play most anythin you put in front of me. I love the white stripes, breaking benjamin, nirvana, three days grace, everything as long as its good. I live in NE connecticut and would be down to jam and see how we would fit. Hit me up pomposelli@hotmail.com or on here.