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Veteren Scorn Pourer For Hire:

do you find often yourself delusionally happy with your life and interests??
do you often feel trapped, scared and alone, or like your troubles are somehow worse than everybody elses??

if you answered yes to either of the above, WE CAN HELP!!! !

No: subject too revered!
No: irellevance exempt!
Our engineers risk life and limb
scouring tirelessly for pinholes to poke
through, so
Our outdated machines
can gain enough purchase
to tear your richly woven
tapestries to denigrated shreds!

If you arent crying
as whatever wretched remains of your
once dearly precious g i l d i n g
float away forever on an eerie storm eye wind...


offer ends soon
retirement is imminent.
--------------------i'm definitely the alphaest male here--------------------
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umm...i dont really get it? as lyrics its kind of...not a song i guess....unless your just randomly shouting the words out, but idk it just seems to over the edge of uniqueness, mines on front page "sheep"
sorry for the harshness

and again, no music to this one but this one is even less vaguely song like than any of my other stuff.
this ones more like a classified ad i'd like to post sometimes...
--------------------i'm definitely the alphaest male here--------------------