recording quality not that bad for doing it yourself. ive done worse. as far as the music, kinda had a older hardcore feel to it. i didnt hear past 1:20 (crappy internet and myspace player) so im reloading it, but didnt sound bad, maybe needs another part(which might be past where i herd, i'll edit back) to complete it, a nice break down or something, maybe a fast punkish verse
You had some major tempo issues scattered sporadically throughout the track, and since I'm guessing the drums are synthed, that means you should probably invest in a metronome (unless that was on purpose and you're just really avante-garde or something). Recording quality is good, though...Keep up the good work!

p.s. I feel like the distorted guitar's tone could use a little more bass, but that could just be me because I love my ****ing bass in my EQ settings...
The drums are actually real, my friend recorded them.
The tempo issue is a problem, I had to edit a part out which messed up the later part of the second verse/ second chorus, I realized its not that bad so I decided to keep it, who knows though I may re record it if I feel like it.
Thanks though
The song is completely finished and my friend and are working on 9 new songs (some completed and just to be recorded, some just a riff with other things).

Please listen to the song it's completely done and on time.

(Link in my sig)
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If I wasn't in at my Grandmather's in New York, I'd listen to it right now. I'll be back, I promise.
"Perception of Balance " - My album.

"Run away from the ending road, the desolate cold, and the broken home."
Thanks man, your album really inspired me. Honestly, the second after I heard your songs I picked up my guitar and just started playing and singing while working on all of these unfinished acoustic ideas I had. I will keep you posted as I have a wide array of stuff coming out from punk to acoustic, to metal and more.
When I record my EP, I'll be sure to send you a digital copy via email.
Wow, thank you.

I'm looking forward to hearing your music. I'm afraid I won't be home until Saturday though.
"Perception of Balance " - My album.

"Run away from the ending road, the desolate cold, and the broken home."