Poll: Are these kids gay?
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3 43%
Fairly gay.
3 43%
Eh, they're straight
1 14%
Voters: 7.
This is a band with music and stuff. You should give a listen and let them know how gay they are (or aren't).


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music has alot going on. not my style at all, but not bad for what it is, i think?
10000 volts, and energy efficient. imma give the 3rd a listen now.

edit: backup singing could be a little tighter on 10000 volts. and the 3rd song sounds alot like it. lots of speed guitar, and for a song that fast, 7 mins might be a bit long for taco monster. its alot to try to take in. i couldnt get through it honestly
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Thanks Chris. I've been saying the same thing about TM. Hopefully others will listen now haha.
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np man, check my band out if you get a second. i have a thread up a few posts down.

edit: its not metal, but give it a chance we still have some heavy songs
I'm liking 10,000 Volts, very Municipal Waste. I highly advocate the use of the word 'flacid' My band has a song called 'Beaten with a Flacid Bat'.
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Whoa! That's awesome! Thanks for that! (Though the proper spelling is "Flaccid")
Great song title by the way.
Very very cool, but it could use a bit more thickness in sound (IE higher quality audio) and variety in the riffs.
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We're working on a higher quality, but it's a bit hard when your band is just starting out and you have no money haha.

****ing EH!!!! man, i`d listen to you guys any day

listening to Energy Efficent as i type this, i`m trying not to headbang while typing this so i can see what i`m typing LOL

adding you as friends on myspace, and YOU BETTER TELL ME when you get a CD, because i`ll buy it.

this is thrash and it`s ****ing CRAZY, i love it.

oh and i just hate the begining of energy but when it take off man, you guys know how to do it.

Taco monsters up next......

well im` alil over 1/2 way through taco, oh man the 2 nd 1/2 is just YES!!!!

OMFG!!!!, it`s rare i like a band this much the 1st time i hear them, god it sucks you guys are on the other side of the states LOL, i wish there was bands you here.

just added you to our friends, check us out. www.myspace.com/inferusrc

we`re a Thrash band from welland ont Canada, but i WISH we were as tight as you guys, i can`t get over how your songs sounded
Ahaha! Thanks a ton man! I'm loving the whole little review thing you did.

And yeah, we just added that little intro to E.E. cuz it had absolutely nothing to do with everything. Just seemed fun.

You're the best!
Great stuff I love cross over thrash! some advice, turn off a bit of the reverb on the intro to the 1st song
whats up with Afro-Beat?
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