Alright peeps, long time listener first time caller ;p Not sure if this should be in guitar or amp!

Shelling out on my first guitar not handed down by my grandfather and i'm looking to upgrade from some ancient FAL reverb thing and some peavey might as well be a footstool practice amp.

Been looking at a Fender hot rod deluxe for a jag mainly cause of the fender - fender rule of thumb but man that thing pricey and I saw a review for some pseudo-practice fender amp which modeled a lot of effects and the link disappeared before I had chance research.

Got a budget of £500 but i'm not exactly planning on giging soon but would be nice to have that option. Only keyword is versatility purely cause I'm looking to just go tone searching, still undecided on my sound being brought up with acoustics.

Any help appreciated guys!
How much is 500 pounds american? sorry for noob question
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Its about $1000 i think, though with the state of the economy these days, it might be different.
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I have an Olympic White Fender Classic Player Jaguar Special HH and I play mine through an Orange Tiny Terror and an Avatar G12H30 1x12 cab. I think it sounds great.

If you bought the CP Jaguar HH, then presumably you like (reasonably) sparkling clean tones as well as dirty crunch. The Tiny Terror will give you both. There isn't a whole lot of clean headroom with the TT, but if you only want clean, then you would have bought an "Old School" Jag and paired it up with a Fender Deluxe Reverb or something. And if you dial in HB mode on the bridge and turn up the gain on the TT, you'll be into Classic Rock territory with a British voice.

If you go with the TT, you should consider getting a G12H30, not a Vintage 30. The TT combo uses a G12H30.

The other amp you might want to look at is the Egnater Rebel 20. This is about the same price as the TT but with many more features (selectable wattage from 1 to 20 watts, and blendable power tubes, with dual EL84 *and* 6V6 valves). It also has a 3 band EQ and an FX loop. But I've only read about the Rebel -- haven't heard one in person yet.

As the old saying goes: "No one was ever kicked out of a band for buying an Orange Tiny Terror."

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