My brother is looking for an acoustic guitar. We're looking for less than $500. He's an intermediate guitarist, who's only played on an electric...I'm a bassist, so i'm not totally sure what other kind of info i should be giving you, but i can clarify if you guys need it...thanks.
Taylor or fender are the Brands I would go for. Also, if its for a gig then it would help if it was a semi acoustic, if you want it to be able to plug into a guitar amp or record easily.
Its really up to preference one person might love an acoustic while another might hate it. Also depends on genre for pop you'll want one with a warmer sound where as if ur going over to the country side u'll want a lil more twang to it. I personally love the canadian acoustics lik seagull, norman etc and there pretty cheap too. Just try a bunch chances are you'll end up playing a guitar you wont wanna put down and u'll end up buying it
don't get a Taylor or Martin if you've only got 500 bucks...at that range, you are mainly paying for their name..

i'm also looking for a guitar at the moment with the same budget as you...i can across the Maton EM225C..its apparently very good, and from reviews, i am kinda considering...
At $500 Takamine, Alvarez, Seagull, Epiphone Masterbuilt, and in very, VERY rare cases, Fender are your friends. (For more on Fender see below.)

Most people around here will tell you to avoid Fender at all costs as well due to shoddy quality control and meh tone. However, they are getting marginally better from what I have seen, although they still aren't worth their price tag. Maybe you'll get lucky and find a good one, but they still aren't guitars I would recommend.

More Advice: Avoid Ibanez and Dean acoustics like the plague.
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