Hi I just put on 11s when my guitar has always had 10s do I need to adjust anything? If so then how do I do it?
if your guitar is set up for 10's, it probably doesnt matter.

all you have to worry about is intonation, but usually you can go up 1mm from what its set up for, with out seeing any major change.

so unless your paranoid or your guitar isnt set up for 10's, you dont have to worry
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10s to 11s isn't a big change, you shouldn't have to change anything.
If you move to 12s then you should consider it
it should be fine. I went from 9's to Skinny Top/Heavy Bottom to Standard 10's and my guitar is still fine.
only if u have a floyd rose trem. than you need to spend time balancing it so it still floats even. if not just tune up and ur golden. on rare ocasions the neck will bow. if it did than take it to your local shop and have them deal with it. dont mess with the truss rod yourself unless u really kno wat ur doin or dont mind messin up your neck. it shouldnt just from 10s to 11s tho.
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Check for fret buzzing. Check your intonation. Check your neck relief. Adj. if needed. Guitars and necks vary. I usually wait a day or two to adjust. . . to let it settle.

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went from 10's to 11's on my epi sg no problem.
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