I need help choosing which amp to buy. I'm looking at the Crate V-Series amps. I play different kinds of rock from soft like Snow Patrol to indie like the strokes or nirvana to alternative like old Nickelback, 3 days grace. I occasionally play small (around 50 people) gigs plus jam sessions in my friends warehouse.

What will it be?

The V18-212 $200

or the V50-112 $200

will the 50 watt be overkill or can I still work with it?
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The V50 is American voiced I believe, and the V18 is British voiced. For indie I'd go for a British voiced amp, but IDK if 18 watts will do you for small gigs.
I haven't played either, but I do own the 30 watt version, and I'm pretty happy with it. It has 2 channels, ulike the 18, so you might want to look into it.

Also, I use it for everything from bedroom practice to jamming with whole bands, and it is definately loud enough. I took it out in the middle of the country yesterday (I live in Kansas) and cranked it, I got the cops called on me .

I honestly really don't know anything about the 50, I have never heard that it was voiced differently though....
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