Sure, i could have googled and i pretty much all-ready know the answer but, with 700 forum viewers, more fun.

Had nasty cold. Just came back from pub. 3 pints, double rum/coke. Taking 1000MG of paracetamol is fairlly harmless, right? (Baring in mind, one dispersible tablet is 500mg)

Ive drank/taken paracetamol before fine so i'm assuming it's harmless aslong as its not like insane and OD'ing on paracetamol by taking stupid amounts.

All though, it's been an hour since i got home so, taking one tablet i highly doubt will have any effect apart from killing my headache.
You're gonna die. I'm sorry.
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OHhh, It wasnt a serious one, i already know its fine.

"Q Is it dangerous to take paracetamol and drink alcohol?

No. Indeed paracetamol and alcohol are metabolised by the same oxidative enzymes and alcohol may even confer some protection to the liver in the event of a paracetamol overdose (19)."


Allthough, thats actually quite handy to know for hangover people.