K people i can get either of these things this christmas but not both: a new amp or a new guitar. Which should i get first? i have a 10 Watt Ibanez amp and an Ibanez IJX30 Guitar. They're both bad but idk which to replace first.
My opinion: Guitar. You can play an arena show with a 10w amp, and nothing feels better than a new guitar in your hands.
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that depends on if you want whatever you're holding to look good or if you want to sound better. I would personally take the amp.
depends.. are you trying to play with people? if so, amp. if your still doing your own thing learning/practicing then a new guitar. the amp will make your guitar sound better and louder. the new guitar will play better(i assume). i use a squire tele deluxe as my practice guitar and ive even brought it on stage, but a crappy amp will never cut it.