Did both Bradley Nowell of Sublime and Aaron Barret of reel big fish use Ibanezes at one time or another? If this is true I think it's kind of crazy because Ibanezes are usually considered metal guitars. I always thought my Ibanez had a good ska tone and a good metal tone.

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Yea, people have different opinions about tone. Some people think Stratocasters which is widely known as a great blues guitar are great for metal i.e. Iron Maiden. It's all about preference.
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Ibanez are regarded as all-rounders really.

^Maidens strats are somewhat modified for metal, they're not running single coils in them for one thing.
I have a Galveston (Basically a Jackson), and I play just about everything on it. Most guitars can play just about anything if you have the right amp, effects, pickups, and techniques.
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