The only one really worth bothering with is the EVH Phase 90 if you're talking about pedals.
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The EVH 5150III is a pretty amazing amp. The Peavey 5150s themselves aren't bad either especially for metal.
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the evh 5150 is amazing, soo good
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if you're into evh tone the new 5150III does it pretty well.

for some reason the original 5150 and 5150IIs never really did it that well.
yeah there is a lot of talk about how EVH supposedly did not really ever use the original 5150s from Peavey, just the boxes with his old Marshalls super leads stuck in them, though I don't know how much truth there is to that. But regardless, his new line sounds fantastic.
i always thought that was kind of funny too....and they have his signature on them.

oh well, they've stood the test of time, made Eddie some money, and made many a rocker happy.

5150-3 is completely different as you know.