Im gonna try to not to be too vague...

SO anyways im looking to buy my first electric guitar for christmas, and Im looking for my parents...I mean me...to pay no more then $300. Ive been playing a cheap squier accoustic guitar (my first) for about three months to see if I could even learn, and enjoy the guitar, but now I thinks its time to step things up.

I like to play almost any kind of music, classic rock, metal, punk, blues, even country (but thats why I got my accoustic =P)...but nothing too heavy, I dont like Ibanez guitars

Ive played an Epiphone Les Paul Standard, but it with it not even working most of the time, I didnt really get a feel for it, but I love the shape and look, but not the weight. So im kindof warry about getting a cheaper Epiphone les Paul. The LP-100 looks nice, although very limited in colors, and the LP studio looks like crap...and from what ive read doesnt hold up well. So Im not sure about those...even though I love playing 'Sweet child O mine'

Ive played a $400 dollar Fender Strat at my local music place, and I loved every thing about it, but for $300 I seem to be limited to squier strats, which ive never tried and have no idea how they compare to a real fender. Also I think if I got a Strat, I would probally end up using the whammy bar alot...even if its just ****ing around...so thats a plus.

So im pretty divided between strat or Lp ripoffs, and I dont like ibanez. If there are any other suggestions that would be great.
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Yeh the SICK! bit sounds a bit stupid.

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I'd get this Epiphone LP...it is a great deal (normally $650).


Otherwise, a used MIM Fat Strat is your best bet.
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if I can manage a hundred bucks for my old trumpet I will see if I can get the fender strat =P

also I thought Id mention im not a big fan of crazy shapes and such...I cant hardly stand even looking at flying v's, just something about those shapes really erks me.
You're not divided bro. Read your own post again. You know what you want. You want a Fender Strat. Don't settle for something you wont be happy with.

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Get the Strat you want, but it's OK to get a used one. If you can find one on eBay with a "Buy-It-Now" price, it may qualify for a 25% discount via a Live.com search.

Or you might be able to find one off your local Craigslist. For example, I just found a used MIM Strat in the Seattle area for $250.

You'll get way more value buying a used Strat than going for something new.
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Well I sort of am more divided then I let on...I like the strat...but I really do love the les pauls also

Ive just read through some of the stickies here about choosing a guitar...and it seems Ill probally enjoy a les paul more...besides I figured this...if I get a strat, it will be a fender, not a squier, so ill have to ante up the extra hundred bucks just for the guitar alone.

If I get the Epiphone LP-100 from online, I can save that hundred+ bucks, and use it to get some better gear to go along with it...that doesnt sound stupid does it?
I'd stay away from the LP-100. It's really not much better than your Squire.
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