So I don't know about any of you pit goes use it but i'm guessing some do.

What are some of your favorite Pandora radio station or which one do you find your self listening to most?

For me probably the Tool Station or my Sublime Station!

Yes Station
Aphex Twin Station
Iron Maiden Station
Buckethead Station
Led Zeppelin Station

I love this site, I discovered a lot of awesome bands through it like Warhorse and Eloy.

right now I'm listening to Eruption (Live) by Focus.
I use Pandora or Last.FM on my iPod touch wherever I have WiFi. It's nice, because there's getting to be more and more WiFi around my town.

They're both great services.
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I like the allman brothers band station as well as hte pink floyd station.
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I use it all the time on my phone.. it's a pretty sweet app.
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They have a station of nothing but Tool? That's amazing. I always make my own stations.
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