ok...so my acoustic guitar (its a chinese brand, from China...called Starsun, if it matters), but anyways....on my acoustic right now, the strings I am using are from size 13 to about 56. And I've also got a great pack of strings from 13 to about 54. However...my cousin got me these awesome strings with thickness of 46 (low E string). Now, is it safe to change my thicker strings to the thinner ones, without having to make any adjustments to the truss rod, etc. I have no idea what the string thickness of the original strings were, that came with the guitar...

So is it safe to use both the thicker strings and the thinner ones? or should i stay with one size...and how much am i allowed to change the thickness by, before i should make other adjustments to compensate for change of thickness?

Thanks in advance!
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I would take this to the acoustic forum. They really know what they're talking about over here. GG&A is more for amps and effects.
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