Yes i know that when you see your dads old sunburst tele the last thing on your mind
is blazing metal. well - so many people tend to downtalk single coils being used with a high gain amp for playing metal, my response to that - have you ever tried it?
well, one of my good friends always plays through his dad's telecaster and a i just love
the sound. its not like that of my schecter hellraiser, or his schecter omen, but it gives
a unique sound i think. based off playing that, hearing him play through it, and the clips i've heard online i've noticed that this sound shows up again and again. A kind of southern gutsy mid growling heavy tone, perfect for rythms, but not so much lead, dare i say the grunge of high gain?
well heres a spot for all of you to debate this - weather you think it can or can't handle metal or not. share clips or expiriences you may have had with a tele high gain set up,
and whatnot.
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jim root from slipknot uses a telecaster..
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his has EMGs though, he is talking about single-coils
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search up john 5 (john lowery, not the gospel from the bible) and then you'll understand tele and metal.
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jim root from slipknot uses a telecaster..

But it's not really a Telecaster. How many other Teles are made of mahogany and have dual EMGs?
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But it's not really a Telecaster. How many other Teles are made of mahogany and have dual EMGs?

there is this telecaster made out of mahogany which have 2 humbuckers and you can route emgs maybe?
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The buzzing really isn't that bad..
And if you do find it annoying, you can always get noiseless pickups.
Single coils are alot clearer than humbuckers. Humbuckers do give you a fatter/warmer tone, but that's not the reason why most people buy guitars with buckers, most do it for the higher output, which is dumb (imo)
jim root and john 5 both have signature tele's. you cant get any more metal then them!
the custom shop flathead telecaster, thats wot! there is also a showmaster flathead.
personally i think that this craze for teles among metalheads seems to be mainly due to the fact that some famous artists use them(john 5 and jim root). it looks to me like a fad more than anything else.

i mean why not a strat or a hollowbody for metal? none of the above were designed for metal but all create unique sounds when the gain is stacked on. its good to see experimentation but i am just saying why does it have to be a tele.
in reality any guitar can be used for any style of playing you just need to find the right way to play it for that style, i have a highway 1 which i occassionally use for metal, it does work, just dont ever ask people oppinions on these things because you know it would spark a debate :P
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I've never heard a Tele play teh br00talz without some kind of modification. They can handle plenty of dirt as long as you're cool with the requisite noise, but it won't have that same chunk or articulation with high gain that you'll find from a humbucker.

I suppose that if one liked the sound a Telecaster would be perfectly suitable for metal playing, but certainly not the archetypal chugga-chugga stuff. Teles have too much natural bite and sting for that to sound right without a pickup change or lots of processing.
single coils are just as good for metal
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To the memory and anyone else who mentioned. . . . +infinity on wintersun. . . . just too bad they suck on live performances on some of their best recorded solos IE: Death and the Healing

As for John 5, he's not metal, technically he's like shred country/bluegrass mixed with some industrial stuff. . . . that's like calling Joe Satriani or Steve Vai metal just because they shred.

to TS '72 reissue is the only Tele I really care for. . . . dual humbuckers, -1 to them for Paramore using one in a video though. . . . -5 to me for seeing that video on the tv and -40 for masturbating to her face and the '72 reissue guitar. . . .

All dirty jokes aside. . . . Tele's have very awesome accomidating necks that are very easy to shred on and do sweeps with. I'm not big on the single cut body, but as for tonality, even the single coils sound good. I just can't stand having so much hum because I use extremely high gain, so naturally I love the '72, but it is actually one of the more expensive Tele's too.
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My tele is ****ing awesome for metal

i have found it to sound better than pretty much every ibanez and gibson ive tried

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jim root and john 5 both have signature tele's. you cant get any more metal then them!

This has nothing to do about the tele, and more about your comment. DUMB ASS! jim root and john 5? thats not metal!