I had to write a short song in A-B-A-C-A form for music class (a rondo). I came up with this fun little thing. The song is called "Rockin' the Rondo." The quality isn't great, but I had to record with one of those amps you can clip on your belt . Enjoy, and crit fro crit.

you have an epic last name.

as for the piece on yur myspace, it sounds very original, although the guitars sounded kinda skinny. the drums are good (enough for the piece anyway), and if they are your organic vocals, you are very talented.

The solo absolutely rocks.

crit mine?

ha, this is really fun man. Even though the amp isnt the greatest for sound quality. it still sounds fine. fun beat, and nice solo'ing! I'd want to turn this in in music class :P
As it's been clarified before I'll leave out my comments on the sound quality which really isn't a big deal. Here it is simply. As a guitarist it made me feel happy inside to hear all that guitar work and it all melds together in a funky guitar jam vibe that I love. Really good stuff. I wanted it to last longer is my real complaint. Maybe add in a lighter section and do a dual blues riffing solo XD. Good job though. ( I want better recording... sorry I had to say it ! ) Cheers oh and thanks for the critique.
Sounds good, an idea now you got your amp back would be to start with the little amp and over-dub with the amp you got back, cause that little amp has some charm about it. The drums are a little weak, but overall sounds good.