Just picked up an Epiphone Les Paul Standard for dirt cheap and want to replace the pots and pickups. But im stuck between two different combos, Air Norton in neck and Tone Zone in bridge; or Paf Pro in Neck and Mo' Joe in bridge. Im looking to brighten up my sound and get more clarity. I play in a prog/hard rock group (think 6 degrees of innner turbulence)
Thanks in advance
I've used the PAF Pro, Tone Zone, and Mo Joe. The TZ is noticeably "tighter" and more powerful than the mo joe, with a stronger bass response. The PAF Pro is, imo, a good but pretty typical/boring pickup.

My vote would be Air Norton/Tone Zone and run some push/pulls for coil splitting and series/parallel. I hear nothing but good things about the air norton.
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How about Air Norton and Mo' Joe? I tend to prefer medium Output pickups. They seem to be less sterile sounding then high output.
I have a pafdp-103, in my strat(bridge), and its bright and clear. Its about as close to a vintage paf that dimarzio makes. If you use a lot of distortion or something, check out the dimarzio evolution(steve vai). My friend has one and its really clear, to the point that any mistakes you make kinda seem to stand out more than others. Either of your two chioces would seem to work fine though
however the d sonic somewhat intrigues me....... but in a les paul idk how well it would match.
I love the Air Norton... I have that in my SG and it sounds amazing. I would go with that for sure. But i haven't used anything with the bridge pups you're saying.
Neither the Tone Zone or the Air Norton will do anything to brighten up your sound, they're both bass heavy with chopped treble, particularly in the case of the Air Norton.

I think you'd be better off with Duncans to be honesty, probably the Custom in the bridge and the 59 or Jazz in the neck. The most suitablr Dimarzio set I can think of would probably be the Steve's Special in the bridge with the Humbucker from Hell in the neck, but I;m not quite as comfortable with that recommendation as I am withthe Duncans.
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alright i decided on mo joe forthe bridge, but still need a neck pickup. not a fan of the PAF Pro or Air Norton, so i was thinking an Air Classic neck or Virtual PAF neck/36th Anniversary Neck.