Well... I really don't know. I never have gigged, only had one band, which I made. There is a thread in Band Leading from way back that has the whole story of how that came to be.

Anyway, I've been trying to improve to a point in my playing where I feel confident enough to place an ad in a local music store, so that if the next Kirk Hammet, Slash, whoever replies and wants to start a band, I can atleast somewhat kinda keep up with them.

Then... a little idea hit me. Why not start a little solo project on myspace? You know, record and post up like 4 songs per year. I'm always writing down riffs and things, then writing songs from them. Its never anything awe-inspiring, but I've played for 1 year and 3 months and I'm starting to see a little bit of progression. So, I think 4 songs a year wouldn't be too much for me to handle.

Problem is... I really don't know what makes a good solo project. I don't own a drum machine, or any decent recording equipment. I also don't know whats called for from a song with only one guitar and maybe, just maybe some growl/scream lyrics (I'm a bad singer, and I know it... I really don't want to showcase it).

But... I realize there are many, very talented muscians here on UG who could possible point me in the right direction and give me something to work toward.

So, my main questions are:

What does it take to make a song with just a guitar interesting?

What sort of (preferably cheap) recording equipment should I invest in?

What genre is accepted most/easily accessible for just a lone musician and his instrument?

What sort of technical ability/knowledge is an absolute MUST HAVE?

Also... Since I was going to use this also as a showcase of my ability and skill with the guitar (I would post the myspace/facebook/whatever URL on any ad I put up)...

What songs should I be able to play pretty well before I start looking for a band/bandmembers from local music stores?

Thanks in advance.... And apologies for the Wall of Text. I get rambling and can't seem to stop
to answer your question, i am not a good player as in the extreme stuff, i can bar-chord and pick, but no where near good enough and to answer your questions:

1. A good melod and chord progression with acoustic, awsome solos with electric
2 Audacity(free)
3. Acoustic(very simple and sounds great)
4. How To plug in a mic and play
5. Depends on the genre
Acoustic-house of the rising sun covers basic chords, but its not required to learn
Electric-some Ac/Dc again not required to learn, but it does a GREAT DEAL OF HELP
Thanks. I facepalmed at Audacity since I already have it I'm more of a metal guy, so is there any way I can have a Metal solo project and still have a good solo project?

Also, still open to other peoples suggestions and opinions. Please, keep them coming. I need advice and goals here people.
hmm, metal.... umm, try a rockband mic away from an amp, and honestly, go to my myspace, u will probly hate my music, but alot of ppl like it, cause it goes to show you that some ppl will like it even if you suck, my myspace is a solo project and i just used a desk mic
Nice name 035036503530. <- Btw, that's a riff, right?

Keep them coming guys. Also, I have used a desk mic in the past, and it comes out fuzzy, full of static and quiet. I was hoping to eventually get a guitar cable with an insert the size of a mic plugin.
1. Make an mp3 drum track on guitar pro
2. Play guitar and sing along to a cd of the drum track
3. record this using something other than computer
4. Overdub Bass
6. ?????????????????
7. Profit!
Directed at #3, How? I'm not willing to put money forward to record in a studio. Mostly, because I can't afford it at the moment. That leaves me with... The Computer.
i recommend the singer/songwriter route, like john mayer, jack johnson, and the like, but they arent exactly metal...
To darkrikku: Thanks, looking into it now...

To mikeman: I... I'm really not a fan of either of those two. Really, I want something to appeal to metal fans. It will take a backseat if/when I get into/make a band.
if you want a good solo project you should know weight is most important
yngwie is fat and he sucks
paul gilbert is super thin and hes incredible
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Nice name 035036503530. <- Btw, that's a riff, right?

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