Okay so.
I did my research.
Spider III 75 W vs Vox AD50VT.
The Spider is okay but I want something that fits my style more and doesn't sound like a computer on drugs. So Im checking out this Vox AD50VT.
It's a tube, 50W of tube seems pretty loud for small gigging, like at school and what not.
I want you guys' opinions now. Is it a good step up for now from the Spider? The thing is I want TWO good amps for Metal right now:
This Vox or whatever else is good and a Peavey 5150 (that will be my main amp). I just want something else because I have money to burn (haha jkz).
Help please?
Thanks in advance
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You know, I may have just had a bad experience with the Valvetronix as I didn't care for it. It's a hybrid amp right? Have you checked the Vypyrs too?

So do own a Spider or not? I'm kinda confused by your thread topic and sig

I actually think the Peavey Vypyr would be better for you.
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Get a Vypyr to practice. It's better for high-gain than the Vox.


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I have the Spider right now, I want something better.
Jackson King V KVX10
Line 6 Spider III 75 W.
Peavey 5150/6505 Combo to be owned at the end of 2010.
I liked the super champ XD better then the Vypyr 30. haven't been able to find a 75 yet.
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Quote by Mathamology
I believe the Vox has a tube; it's a hybrid, not an all-tube amp. A 50watt hybrid won't be too loud.

I've heard good things about the Vyper, I'd check out the thread for that.

A 50 watt hybrid with a tube insn't loud? Jesus Christ you must play in stadiums only...Or you got some serious noise canceling headphones.

PLEASE upgrade from your spider to some tube-ish amp. I personally dont like the vox hybrids but have heard some good stuff about the Peavey's and with Bugera. Try the amps for yourself to make the decision.

If you play a bugera and want it, make sure you buy the one you played or have played to make sure it doesnt die on you.
^It's actually used as a power tube in the advt line

why are you buying a 50 or 75 watt practice amp, along with a 5150? Wouldn't you gig with the 5150, or are you a/bing or what exactly is going on?

If you just want a practice amp both of those are overkill.
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So you have a 5150, so you have an amp that is good enough for gigging, why not look at a smaller tube amp to practice with if you must have two amps?

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The Valvetronics sounds like any other SS amp, don't really get the point of wanting an SS amp if you already went to tubes on the 5150
True, but it still is used in the power amp. If he has a gigging amp, why is he buying a big practice amp? Direct him to that flexwave thread.
I dunno if anyone has said this But Check out the Vox Ad50Vt - XL . Its the high-gain version of the ad50vt. Only problem is that it cant do much else other than metal.
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Quote by gregs1020
Just get the 5150/6505 and an attenuator.

so close

the correct answer was actually "Just get the 5150/6505 and play it loud"

Get off this damn forum and play your damn guitar.