Do you want a story of possibility?
Well, find someone else; don’t ask me
Ya see, I missed the class on integrity
Now I’m a clichéd monstrosity

Sorry, I don’t mean to berate
But just look, can’t you see my state
Can’t you see those eyes, so full of hate
Don’t try to learn, only concentrate

Spent so much time in each other’s eyes
Yet we still miss so many of the lies
It don’t seem to matter how many tries
It’s got be done, gotta say our good-byes

Good-bye love
No pain no more
Gone to find myself
Can’t take darkness anymore

Don’t wait up
Don’t hold your breath
Only I can learn
Gotta fight this to the death

When we first met, I felt like I was on a roll
Looking at her seemed to unlock my soul
But see her heart, I left a hole
Now I can’t give back the thing I stole

I never thought I’d be heroic
So I sit here, feeling stoic
Always knew that I’d be a prick
Not like it’s new; it’s not historic

But I’ve got an urge I can’t satisfy
No matter what, it’ll intensify
For her love, I don’t qualify
But that’s no reason to just stand by
the first paragraph.. stanza? sorry i'm new to this lyric thing :P is really the only one i don't like, the rest, is pretty good, the only two things i kinda didn't like, was first off, the line were it says "Sorry, I don’t mean to berate" mainly because i don't know what berate means, and if i heard this on the radio i'd have to find a dictionary, lol. and secondly, the line where it says "Not like it’s new; it’s not historic" i thought was a little confusing, if it isn't new, but its not historic... then what is it? other then that, i like it, i love the whole idea, and lots of people can identify with the idea of leaving someone you love.