I found this in one of my old, thought lost, notebooks, I had mixed feelings and was hoping for some feedback, will be greatly appreciated, thanks:

I live in a world ruled by definitions
Where rebellion is having my own interpretations
I say what I feel and they tell me what I mean
I live in a world afriad of consequences
Unknown to my meaning of alive and well
I learn to define Hell

I live in a world dictated wih fake redemption
All the scared masses clawing for some salvation
I cringe to hear they have my answers

I live in a world governed with reproduction
Who treats family like an institution
I learn to define Hell

I'm afraid I'm sorry for it all
but I can't be what you are
I learn to define Hell

I go back to the end
So I can start again
I'm going back...

I'm a man's machine
Built in the likeliness of pre-existance
Where right and wrong are only words - made for my definitions
Where the work of the world was subject only to my vision
And I saw my sins for what they were - Actions corrupted by larger definitions
My sins are my own, all thats my own
In a Society that forged me:
I stood out with stellar evolution
That would make me superior enough to rot.
(Away from all those lost so in distinction)
I am, only what I am not.