I'm really liking the "classic Fender" clean sound that people always tout as strictly Fender's, like in this vid:


I was wondering if a G&L Tribute Comanche, which is a great feeling guitar, can get that same, or a very close, sound. I read that the classic clean Strat sound was because of low-output Alnico V's, and I'm pretty sure the Comanche's MFD Z-coils are relatively high output. Can they do the trick, though?

Note that I have no idea what output has to do with tone.

Edit: the Fender I'm considering is the Classic Player 60's Strat.
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Wow. I just read 42 Harmony-Central reviews of the G&L Comanche, and they all say different stuff. One guy says it doesn't do vintage Strat well at all. Another guy says it does a great glassy clean Strat. And other people say it does everything... with tweaking. And others say it's lame... The one G&L Tribute Comanche review is overwhelmingly positive while offering no details at all.

Can anyone who's tried these Z-coils offer some more info?
G&L are AMAZING guitars, but for your specific needs the classic player 60 strat might be a better choice all in all.

G&L are, in my opinion, a bit more modern sounding to say the least.

Keep in mind that for fender cleans, you almost certainly need to be playing through a fender tube amp.
Ah, but that's my question: would a Comanche be capable of emulating a quality clean Strat sound?

I'm tempted to just buy the Comanche and run it through a Fender Twin Reverb, but the local G&L dealer doesn't stock Fender amps. Plus, that would be ridiculously expensive without some prodigious bargaining...