Hey guys,

Haven't posted in a long long time so I thought I'd drop this one for you guys. My friend came up with the backing track, she did the piano and all the synths - all original. I heard it and thought hey I can do something with this! So I asked her if I could collab on this beautiful track and play guitar over it. I did it pretty quickly the other day most parts are improvised. I would really appreciate some feedback. Please don't be shy.

The track is called "rainfall" please check it out.


Thanks everyone.
Thanks for the crit, anyways. I don't really think you should have used so much distortion but it sounded good non-the less. I don't like how you stopped at 1:24 I thought you should have kept going building it up faster and faster until you got to that fast part at 1:59. I liked the part you did at 2:02 that was pretty cool actually. The change of scale at 2:35 was nice, aeolian I believe. I thought you could have worked with that scale around some more especially with that piano backing it was given a cool vibe. All in all great job man.
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i really like it. I agree. Theres really not enough guitar and piano duets like that. Only thing is, you could have gone a little cleaner with the effects- less distortion; It starts to sound like Dragonforce's level of distortion after a while, especially when you get moving. Other than that it's great.
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Wow, this was beautiful. It really showed some talent in not only playing ability but songwriting ability as well. Major kudos to you, sir.

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