title says it all
im looking for my 2nd guitar i want a really good quality guitar and c-1 plus seems like my kinda guitar
also if you have any post ur pictures of the c-1 plus and what does the heel look like i cant find any pics
ive got mine in my arms right now... cradling it... nurturing it.....

ive had it for 5 years and have never felt like i needed anything else (except a 7 string, which is still schecter and feels almost the same as the C-1)
i loooove mine. the only issue is that the stock pups are crappy duncan designed, but they'll serve you well until you swap them out. i stuck a d-activator in mine, and it absolutely screams.
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so is there anything bad about the pickups or are they just not as good as real duncans
I love my c-1+. I changed the pickups out, but yet again I do that to every guitar I have. I do think the stock pups are pretty cruddy though.

I also have one pic of my c-1+ being played in my profile.
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Real nice for for the Money... Fit and finish are above average at least and the set up on mine was decent...