so, this past weekend, I went to Guitar Center (finally) to get an idea of what amps the store has to offer.

My search led me to a B-52 AT-212. Long story short, I feel in love with that amp. Although, this thing is too loud for my place (I live in an apartment), and since I live on the second floor, I wouldn't want to carry 85 lbs up stairs (I play in alot of different places, so leaving it one place would not work).
I now have my attention on the AT-112, but they didn't have them available at the time.

I want to know if there is any major difference between the 112 and the 212 versions.
Thank you for your time!
i have and love the 112. Aside for the obvious difference in loudness, i think the only difference is that the 212 MAY have some more effects

the 112 has :

2 channels

gain: with 3 way eq, gain knob, contour, and volume

clean: with 3 way eq and volume

effects : low res (gotta get mine fixed) and reverb.

its 40 lbs and comes with casters (wheels)

hope this helped!

EDIT: the speaker for the 112 "60 watt" B 52 is actually 120 watts
thank you for the quick reply

and yes, that did help. I noticed the 212 had 3 channels, but I'm content with two. especially if the gain channel still sounds as good.

Did yours come with a footswitch?
Umm... idk mine did, the 112 should as well.

In all honesty get the 212.
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If I remember correctly the 112 also does not have the triple rectifier switch to go from Class A to A/B and Solid State. The reason to go with the 212 instead of the 112 is quite simply more versatility. The 3 channels gives you more sonic options and will be a better long term investment. Then you won't be gassing for a new amp quite as soon.
You can always turn the volume down. The B-52 doesn't sound bad on low volume, obviously better if it is louder, but still not bad.
hmmm...okay....now its just the matter of convincing the mother that the 212 would be good...she saw the price and the size and the weight and was like, "not gonna work, do they have a smaller one?"


wish me luck.
Explain to her the benefit of the 212 having more options and that if you get the 112 you are going to outgrow it and be looking for another amp sooner. Just let her know this will be something you can grow with.
You guys mental? He needs to move it around a lot up and down stairs. B-52s are great for the money, but my B-52 112 got wobbly after 2 gigs. They're heavy as hell, and they don't take kindly to a lot of moving in my experience.

Grab the AT100 head with a 2x12. Then you can leave the 2x12 at home and just lug around the head if needed.
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If he has trouble convincing his mom about the 212 combo, he for sure is going to have a problem convincing her to make 2 seperate purchases for a head and a cabinet.
so....about the reliability...the amps that have the problems are the old ones right?
does anyone know what year they fixed the issues?
my at-100 is 2-3 years old and i have never had any problems with it. very reliable
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