I've been playing guitar for around 2 months, and I was doing good for a while but my progress has plateau'd... i know most of the major/minor/and 7th chords and i know the minor pentatonic scale, what should i start working at now?
my advice is figure out how to use them all. take a song you like figure out what key its in and try playing along.
Well there's always the major pentatonic, major and minor scales, modes, and various techniques.
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That happens, just keep playing and one day you'll pick up your guitar and realise everything feels better and you seem to have magically got better. That's how it's been for me anyway, periods of feeling like I'm not getting anywhere and sudden jumps of improvement.
I just went through this the most important thing is just to keep going and keep practicing, I have alot more inspiration now because im trying to write song for a girl I like so I have been playing all day today.
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