Actually it is a Gretsch G5222, but they are electronically the same. I did the 300guitars.com mod today and WOW. It is like a completly different amp. The thing just screams. I paid less than $2 for the electrical componets. I did have some nice tubes just sitting around the house so I am not couting that in the cost. I have ordered a new speaker, but have been playing it through a 1x12 cabinet, so I guess that counts as free...lol.

I paid $129 brand new shipped to my door for my G5222. My first impression was that this is a nice bedroom/recording amp for clean and slightly distorted tones, but overdriven it sucked. Nice tube compression but, it sounded fizzy dimed and anywhere after 1 o'clock on the dial. I scoured the internet and found someone with a nice write up on mods.

The mods made this amp a gain monster, and gave it much much more life. The amp just seems to know what your hands wanna make it sound like. Even the "low" input breaks up and has a nice tone to it. The mods took around an hour and I was able to source everything from a local store. It sounds almost like the tweed it's wrapped in. It is also noticabily louder. If you are looking for a bedroom/take to a friends house/light jam amp, these mods will make your day. Allthough this amp does seem to only have am early "blues"/"rock" voice to it after the mods, but that was what I was after.

I can't wait till I get the new speaker, wish I would have taken some sound clips stock. As the stock speaker is pure crap and the achillies heal of this amp. The garbage chinese tubes don't help either. Here is a link to the write up http:// . If you have a Champion 600/Gretsch g5222 you must do this mod, it is like night and day.
Would you believe I was just sitting here thinking to myself 'man, I wish my champ sounded better! I wonder what mods I can make to it?' when all of a sudden, there was your thread! I bookmarked the page you linked to (P.S. I had to copy/paste, your link was bad for some reason) and I'm going to perform these mods as soon as I get the cash for that whole little kit that one site sells. Do you have clips of yours yet?
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