Poll: Who makes the highest quality cheap guitar?
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26 31%
44 53%
13 16%
Voters: 83.
Who makes the best, highest quality, most well put together cheap guitar?
In my opinion, Ibanez takes this one, hands down. The Wizard necks on most of the RG's is a large help to most beginner guitarists. Allows them to concentrate more on learning the dynamics, than concentrating on reaching everything. On top of that, Ibanez uses very reasonable pickups, and sturdy, reliable bridges. I've even managed to get my FAT10 bridge to remain floating for days, without tuning loss. That's more than can be said for other brands.

Now, don't get me wrong: almost everyone and their cousin has owned or playing a Squire Strat, but I personally will never go back to one of those.

As for Epiphone, I've never been a fan. They're good, reliable guitars, but they're the type of guitar that someone looks into maybe as a second or third: assuming they'd want one. Not enough options with an Epiphone, beyond the silly body shapes (:P).

Either way: I'm an Ibanez, Jackson, Schecter, and ESP fan, through and through.
Why only 3 poll options? Yamaha make very decent beginer guitars
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can't really chose between epiphone & ibanez. although I picked epiphone cause I have both and I like that one more, but it was also more expensive
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I have an Ibanez RG 321, and it's by far the best inexpensive guitar I've ever picked up. It has great action, great tone, and is very versatile. And it's VERY easily upgraded.
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I have to say in my own experience, my cheap Ibanez is probably the most well constructed cheap guitar I have. The tuners aren't all that great, but more importantly all the frets had smooth, beautiful ends and the wood seems to be rather high quality.

My cheap Kramer, which is a Gibson product, came with rough, uneven frets, and the rosewood fretboard doesn't seem to be of the same quality. I can't tell about the rest of the wood because it's all covered up with finish

Also, I noticed it costs $100 more to get a mahogany Epiphone SG-style guitar than to get a mahogany Ibanez SG-style guitar.
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Even through I'm really fond of the high-end Ibanez guitars, I think that Epiphone have made some espescially well-crafted low-end guitars.

My vote therefore goes to Epiphone.
I should add I'm not as concerned with the pickups as I am the physical build quality as I usually replace the pickups anyhow.

And the thing that gives me pause about the cheap Epiphones is that if Gibson does such a bad job with their cheap Kramers, I'm not sure how confident I feel about the cheap Epiphones.
My first guitar was a Court, not quite as nice as an RG but just as well built (that'll be because Court make the low end guitars for Ibanez). I do prefer the thinner neck that Ibanez use though.

My housemate has a Yamaha, it's pretty good (for a low end guitar) but the finish is pretty sucky and it's not as nice to play as either my Court or Ibanez.

Squire - Never botherd to play enough to know what they're like.

Epiphone - played a few, they were better once I told the shop to sort the action but I'd still rather have most other brands.
I'm going with Epiphone. Mostly because I've never played an Ibanez.
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Of the three, it's a toss up between Ibanez & Epiphone (I think the finish on the Epi's is better,) but why only three options?

Yamaha, Schecter, Godin, & Dean also make good beginner guitars, I'm sure there're tons of other good beginner makes that I can't think of.
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I just wanted a narrow selection, mostly in the areas I was interested in. I didn't add Dean because I have one of their cheap guitars and it's almost even more poorly constructed than the Kramer.
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Why only 3 poll options? Yamaha make very decent beginer guitars

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I would say Yamaha, as in their Pacifica range but there was no option for that so I voted for Ibanez, they are pretty nice players for their price
Or you could go secondhand - double the guitar for your money :P
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Not enough options with an Epiphone, beyond the silly body shapes (:P).

Either way: I'm an Ibanez, Jackson, Schecter, and ESP fan, through and through.

....Epiphone has "silly" body shapes?
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Out of those I'd pick Ibanez, though Squire is pretty good as well. Epis used to be nice, but their quality and sound have gone to hell.

And as others already pointed out, Yamahas are pretty good. Vintages are also nice. They have their flaws, but they are still cheap as dirt considering what's on offer.
Ah, Vintage. I forgot about them. I tried one of their strat copies, and it sounded pretty damn cool. In fact, I can't think of a better blues guitar for its price. Very comfy neck, too. It felt a bit cheap, but that's no big deal.
I like my squire standard strat tbh, even if it's not considered a 'good' guitar. the school's MIM didn't feel that much better than it. I've played my friends epiphone LP, don't remember what model, and it was nice, but i think it was 500...not 200 like my squire. no experience with ibanez, better if you want to play metal though.
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why dont look at agile guitars they cost about $259 and compete against epiphones
their at rondo.com
Agile is always an option. If I was going to go with a non-Epiphone Les Paul, I think I'd either go with one of the Ibanez ART models, or one of the Xaviere models that comes with GFS pickups.
They are somewhat cheap, but very good quality!
Plus, Ibanez guitars are the most smooth guitars i have ever played!