So Pit, last night i had a pretty damned nasty dream and as it's guitar related i thought I'd let you all know about it...

It involved me and a bunch of (non guitar liking) friends watching Slayer (a band i'm not that fond of) in the Sports hall of my local leisure centre...anything goes.

Here's where it got nasty:

They were playing Raining Blood and then, like in the first scene of Blade, fountains of blood started spraying from the ceiling.

All of a sudden Kerry King was hunting us down and trying to impale us all on his rather nice Sig. V. This all sounds well and cool, but it scared the living **** out of me in my sleep.

After eventually escaping from that raving thrash head out into the carpark, only to find his car outside ( don't ask...it was a dream)

One mate then put his arm inside the window to unlock it, so we could escape but Kerry was in there and clean tore his arm off. Not pleasant.

I then woke up.

The moral of that story is Kerry King, you scare the living Bejeezus out of me. Take it as a compliment.
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HOLY **** AWESOME!!!!!

If you think that's scary try having a dream where Chucky is trying to kill you hahaha I hate murdering dolls.
Scarier dream, ET is chasing you around a grocery store with a shopping cart. Now recur that dream once a week for 3 years. Then youll know scary.
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you think i could conciously make that up??

Wasn't the most pleasant of experiences
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i dont really have nightmares any more but i still get the dream were you falling down the stairs and you wake up to find yourself jumping form the bed

i used to have one where this monster took peoples eyes, i was scared to go to sleep
Well, THAT'S a bit upsetting...

I have really long nightmares. Apparently people only dream for 10 seconds, either when they're falling asleep or about to wake up, but mine seem to go on for so much longer.
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