How much would you guys recommend the Epiphone Les Paul Black Beauty over the Epiphone Les Paul Standard?

How does the Epiphone Les Paul Custom fit in with these guitars?
I have played a few standards and i own a black beauty and i prefer it by far, by looks sound and feel.The les paul custom is the same as the black beauty apart from 2 humbuckers instead of 3
Ah right, well why is the Black Beauty and Custom the same price then? Shouldnt the Black Beauty cost more just cos it has an extra humbucker?

Also is the Black Beauty just as suited to everything as the Standard/Custom, or does the extra humbucker target it towards different genres?

I'll be wanting to play things such as Guns N Roses, Boston, Blue Oyster Cult, Coheed and Cambria, Foo Fighters, Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Police, Rage Against the Machine, R.E.M, Rolling Stones, Weezer, The Who. That sort of stuff.
The Black Beauty is pretty pointless, and the reason it's price is lower is there's much less demand for it.

The third humbucker really kills the guitar. Without going into too much technical detail, having a thid humbucker murders sustain, and gives you less tonal options (the LP 3-way switch can then only use one pickup at a time on this guitar whereas with two humbuckers the middle position allows you to use both and adjust volume and tone to get a huge variety of tones).
Not to mention that third humbucker means there's even more cheap gold plating that's going to rub off onto the finish.

Or in other words... the Custom is better than it tonally, structurely, and has more options. The Black Beauty is a pretty thing to put on your wall and look at but in terms of it being a practical instrument to play, Customs or Standards are far better and the Black Beauty is nigh-on useless.
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