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Boss DD3
4 29%
Elektro Harmonix #1 Echo
4 29%
6 43%
Voters: 14.
Boss DD-3 or elektro harmonix #1 Echo?

Or maybe someone else in the same pricerange?

You´ll probably understand that I´m talking about delaypedals
I quite liked the DD-3 when I tried it, but I can't say anything about the Echo #1.
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which one.

The DD-3 is pretty good value I haven't heard the EH echo
^Note: Probably sarcastic
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I've had my #1 Echo intermittently stop working after owning it for 2 years. Nothing serious, but something to keep an eye on. The echo is fairly accurate, and it doesn't have any tone drain problems.

The DD-7 has a lot more features than the DD-3, and is only a little bit more.

I'd pick the Echo over the DD-3 primarily because of cost.
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Lucky you...In sweden a dd3 is about 110$

Huh, Swedish economy's better than US, we get it for $120...then again, not surprising our economy is in hell if you follow it. Or even glance at it.

Anyway, I'd definitely get the DD-3; I compared the two, the DD-3 sounded much closer to analog warmth to my ear. And to all the people saying "DD-7! DD-7!" Frankly I also tried a DD-7, and while it has more features, I prefer tone over features, and again, he DD-3 kicked tonal ass. I'd also like to quote this beauty, a rarity of a youtube comment in the sense it's actually right and intelligent;

"DD3's are actually quite amazing. Although they are limited by todays standards of multi-functionality, They use the same compressor/expander chips as an analog delay. Unlike the DD5, DD6 & DD7, the DD3 resamples the echo's each repeat, and has a unique quantizing element to the chip. The latter models merely regurgitate the same Bit samples for each and subsequent echo's. Thus, putting 2 DD3's in series (mono) you can generate some unique rhythm rides you cannot achieve any other way. Really."

Though I get a feeling this is overhyping the DD-3, it definitely did have the most analog-y tone I heard amongst digital delays. I won't lie. If you want features, get a DD-7 or DD-5. If you want tone, get a DD-3. Simple as that to my ear.

A forewarning though, get a power adapter. It eats batteries like a big, battery eating, err, thing.

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