Iv been thinking of egtting an Ibanez s320 with the ZR tremelo on it and i the stop bar can be removed to turn it into a floating trem. Is it really that hard to set it up and change strings etc U always hear people say its a pain in the ass but is it really? I watched a few vids on youtube of people setting up floating trems and it seemed pretty straight forward, just set the bridge to the height you want it and balance the string tension with the equal spring tension to make it parallel to the body. Changing the strings seems easy aswell, just need to lock the ends and use the fine tuners for small alterations. Whats your experiences with floyd trems or problems you have experienced?!
They're a bastard. Especially when you first get one and do it for the first few times. The videos on Youtube you've seen are probably people who are experienced.
I dont mind doing it now, but like, 3 years ago I hated it and i suspect you will too to start off with