i've no idea what to do...its just a really tiny crack along side the bridge saddle..starting from socket for the saddle,no more than 1cm long and no thicker than a piece of paper?

i think its because i've been leaving the guitar on the third floor on the couch...but now i'm keeping it on the 2nd floor...

but ah anyways, what should i do now? i don't think its actually large enough to squeeze glue in...but i'm worried that it'll just cause the bridge to get ripped apart...

and i'm actually kinda interested in investing on some things to prevent my future gear from getting cracks and stuff...what can i invest on? how much can a humidity-teller (i don't know the name...) cost? where can i find them? what other things can i do to prevent my guitars from cracking?
Any guitar store will have a Hygrometer(relative humidity reader). It'll probably cost about $30, but is well worth the investment. You'll also need a humidifier to keep the humidity levels high enough during the winter months.

What guitar do you currently have? If it's a cheap one then it might not be worth fixing since you're about to buy a new guitar(im guessing?).
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i plan to...this guitar is the epip PR-4e...relatively cheap i guess...but its my first guitar...but i really don't think anyone can do anything? its really really tiny...

oh yeah, its warm here all year round...