Seems to be not one thread on them apart from someone asking for tabs twice. so what do you think of them?
they are awsumm..
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yeah easily, I took on one of my uncles who's suppose to be the strongest in the family and has the hottest wife. Tamed him like my bitch and then wacked off afterward thinking about his wife.

All in all, a very productive day.
i hate them.. period.

any band that are following the latest trend, may be making money, but IMO the music is ****.

even then, the trendsetter is the band that may be decent, ripping of a fad pisses me off,

moreso when the music is ****.
*Enter Sig Here*
They're a fun band to listen to, the singer has an annoying voice and that bloody chipped tooth though.
I can tolerate them. They get points for being aussie. Saw them headlining over Getaway Plan and they were really fun which is enough even if they aren't spectacularly groundbreaking which most people here seem to think every band needs to be to deserve any credit...