Hey, so my birthday's coming up and I'm thinking of getting a pedal. I already own a POD X3 Live but I'm getting kind of sick of the tone I get from it when plugged into a tube amp. I'm using a blackheart little giant tube amp. So can anyone recommend me a good pedal for metal/rock? Some of the music I like range from Metallica and Megadeth to AC/DC and Led Zeppelin.
A really good rock/metal pedal is a Keeley modded Boss Metal Zone. It is a really awesome pedal. Sounds MUCH better than the stock Boss issue.
I really liked the fulltone ocd but would it be able to handle heavier stuff like metallica/megadeth? Any more recommendations? It doesn't seem to be easy to find keeley modded pedals here.
For really crushing metal tones try a Line 6 Uber-metal or a BOSS Metal Core...
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