I'm trying to pick a new song to work on in lessons, and I'm having trouble finding one that fits the bill. I'm looking for fingerstyle blues I can do on electric, standard tuning, something from early to mid 1900s, advanced beginner-low intermediate level. Music style-wise, some artists I like are Clarence Gatemouth Brown, Fred McDowell, John Lee Hooker, Muddy Waters.

Any suggestions?
try some Jimi Hendrix maybe? Some of his stuff was real bluesy and it isn't impossible to play, unless you pick Voodoo Child or something. Fire, Purple Haze, and All Along The Watchtower could be some possibilities, though I'm not sure about the style since I really don't know any of those artists enough to thoroughly give you a good explanation.
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Voodoo Child is actually quite easy to play. Alot of the tabs are kinda incorrect but it was the first song I learned when I picked up guitar.

If you're looking for songs by artists, find your favorite artist, go to your music store, buy the tab books? Thats what I sometimes do if I can't find a correct tab on the internet.