I'm working on a pedal board setup and I was wondering if someone can explain to me why it is important to have some pedals plugged into the effects loop and some plugged into the preamp. Could someone also explain how to do this? Im working with a boss tu 2 (tuner), an ibanez ts9 (overdrive), a boss tr 2 (tremolo), a boss dd 6 (delay), and a boss ns 2 (noise suppresor), and they will all be running into a fender blues deville. Thanks.
its important because your tuner, noise suppressor,and overdrive (going into the preamp) are directly affecting your guitar's tone or sound, unlike your tremolo and delay (effects loop) are well effects that enhance your guitars sound, but not directly affect it. am i making any sense here? lol i think you could technically put all of them of the effect loop but i'm not sure.
you can put any pedal any where you want it. its all personal preference. General starting point is all pedals that are directly affecting your tone would go in front of the pre amp such as wahs and overdrives. tuners also general go at the front of the chain to bypass everything when tuning. And modulation type effects go into the loop such as tremolo chorus delay and phaser. But you can change this up based on what you like. personally i run my phaser in front of the amp but every one else i know uses it in the loop. i have not got a noise gate so i dont know where i would put it, but my best guesses would be all the was at the end of the chain in front of your amp, or at the end of the chain in the effects loop.