I'm building a guitar, and I want to know how to make it create an amount of feedback that is controllable.

See link - http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=Wj_fMvDNNOc

Now I know about making feedback types of noise with pinches and things, but I want to be able to do as the guy above does where he holds a chord and it starts to feedback at the end. I dont want it just to give microphonics that you get from unpotted pickups though.

I have experience with playing semi hollows with the gain turned up - but the feedback isn't very controllable there, its either you have it or you dont. I want the feedback to kick in in a way that I know its going to do.

Is there a way of doing this, other than turning the volume/ gain up, or standing closer to the amp?
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that will allow the notes to feedback? I know thats what phil collen uses, but I wasn't sure if it was that causing it

Yes it was.
The pickup creates a stronger [alternating?] magnetic field (IIRC) that causes the strings to continue vibrating.

So yeah, the pickup lets you have infinite feedback at any volume, and with complete control.
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