I've got no noise! Regular system sounds such as startup and the like are still working, along with my midi files and guitar pro downloads and stuff. Limewire songs work too, along with anything I already had, but Youtube and last.fm and pandora all have no sound. All of my sound devices claim to be working properly. Any ideas?
Maybe you need to get some new sound codecs. Look in those site's FAQs and you should find out.
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you may be too crunk lol. wtf does crunk mean anyways? have you checked all your levels on the master volume pop-up?
this happened to my laptop with vista. i still don't know how to fix it. did it just stop randomly? thats what happened to me anyways...
restart comp? if that fails check master volume settings, if that fails check whether youtube and lastfm and pandora are muted, and failing that... sorry can't help ya.
Try another web browser.

See if that is the problem. I have nto had sound on my Firefox for a long time now.
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I think it must be firefox, because IE worked fine

Yep you probably have the same thing I have.
One day, the sound just went Ka-poot. =/
You've went deaf?
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