I know I already asked about this and decided on a Sony Bravia 26" seen here. But I've just come across the Panasonic Viera 26" for a little bit less! I've heard good things about these! Link.

So Pit, because I feel like I'm splitting hairs, you decide! Which should I go for???
I have the 42" Viera, its very nice. But It's the full HD, plasma one with Freesat.

Go for the sony, comes with freeview.
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How much are those American(If my math is correct I think your guy's tv's are grossly overpriced)??? I would probably find a good deal on a samsung as well though. I have two Samsung HDTV's and they are both amazing.
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A few of my mates have a Sony HDTV and they only have 1 HDMI socket, pain in the arse if you have a PS3/xbox and sky or PC.
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