Ok i don't know alot about mdding guitars and i have questions. OKay; I want to buy a Telecaster Deluxe Reissue, and i want to custom ize it. i know i am gonna put 500k pots in it. but i want to know,
is it possible to put in a coil split for the stock humbuckers?
is it possible to add in/out phase switches?
and Is it possible to put in a strat style Tremolo sysytem?

all of those are possible, but the tremolo would require routing. The coil split is possible if the stock hums are 4-wire conductor
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If the stock pups are 4-conductor (and they probably aren't), you can add a coil split. If they aren't 4-wire, you can make them 4-wire if you are careful and brave enough. It's quite easy, but very delicate work (as with anything regarding pickup modding)...

Phase switches are possible too. You don't need 4-wire pups for that, and you only need 1 switch.

If you want to route the guitar, you can add a strat trem too.

It'll probably already have 500k pots in it.
thanks, it doesn't come with 500k pots, 250k but they are too muddy. i know a guy that will route for the trem. No one knows if the pickups are 4 condoctor?