Hey guys, I was wondering what the following things say about me as a guitarist/bassist/pianist.

Basically, if I see something that would clearly take time to learn (such as a guitar solo or piano solo) and look up the tabs or notation, I suddenly feel I just can't be fussed to read through the entire thing, and take up the time to learn it, and would rather spend more time improvising or writing music or solos themselves myself

E.g: Instead of trying to learn the Pearl Jam "Alive" guitar solo (which I love btw!) I decided just to improvise over it http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=cEFXosDkCgs - by no means do I think playing that was more entertaining or rewarding, but I felt reading the tablature would just be too much work, and I'd have to repeat myself a lot to get the solo totally correct.

I've had this problem for a while, and when I feel I can learn things by ear, I do, but I feel it may hold me back from reaching my true potential. I'm wondering if there is a way I could train myself to have a more positive or enthused feeling towards learning harder pieces of music rather than resorting to writing music or improvising most of the time!


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i sorta get it, it's hard to read solos, the timing is almost never correct and a lot of it is confusing for the first couple of times reading it.

just take it in small sets, take the first SMALL section of the solo and try to decipher it, and practice that until you can get that part down. that can be down in a day, week. or whatever.

then repeat. you can still practice all your improvising but if you take 10 minutes to decipher the first 30 notes of the solo, you'll get it eventually.
Ur not impatient, but u are a musician. There is nothing wrong with taking a song structure that sounds good and throwing something original into it. In time, your ear will be so trained, that it will only take a few glances of a solo to get the structure then the intracasies will naturally fall into place. rock n roll
if you wont take the time to learn a pearl jam solo... how much time do you use for practice...

being a good musician takes time and effort... end statement
perhaps you should spend some time on phrasing and dynamics before u improvise and record :P coz what i heard from that recording is all monotone.... note after note after note.

id say you are impatient, coz you couldn't be bothered learning a song... or maybe u think its boring just learning the song and hate the slow process of it? you just want to be able to play it?

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I wouldn't call you an impatient musician, you're actually more of a musician by making your own solos and interpreting others with your own style. Learning them note by note does not make you a musician at all.
What I tend to do is learn 1/3 of the solo at random parts. So like Point A and point B and point C etc. These are all about 2 to 3 bars long. And I improvise my way from point A to point B etc.

There is nothing more I hate than playing a solo EXACTLY as it's played on the record.
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