Has anyone got any tips shorts of a pick up change to get a more rock sound ot of one of the new 2008 american strats.

I use it for bluesy stuff but wondered if anyone had any tips for a acdc type sorta tone, just coz it would be really handy really.


Get a decent valve amp, and both your blues and rock tones will improve dramatically.
Gain UP!

But seriously, it depends on the amp. I use my Carvin strat (with Carvin stock singles) and my Laney LC15 which gets me a decent rock tone with gain around seven, I then have the volume knob to sort everything else out, I usually have it at around 5-6 for clean sorta stuff, 7-8ish for blues/hot blues, 8-9ish for rock and 10 for my solo tone.
It's a great help that volume knob
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Get a decent valve amp, and both your blues and rock tones will improve dramatically.

Yup. You can get a very nice AC/DC tone out of a Strat if you get the right amp (like a Laney VC30/VC15, they get a nice tone), considering that Angus doesn't use much gain, nor does he use a bass/mid heavy tone either.
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You could install a mid boost circuit to beef up the sound and get a quasi-humbucker tone, but frankly, I like how single coils sound distorted.
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ok cheers everyone, i was just worried about it souding too thin

but it sounds cool

If you're worried about thin sound, slap a Duncan Hot Rails in the bridge position or maybe a DiMarzio Super Distortion S or for strat-isher sound, a DiMarzio FS-1

Or do the best thing you can do, no exceptions, and slap a set of Bare Knuckles in there. But I'm guessing that's too pricey.

Amp: Gain up, dial in a bit more bass to compensate for Strat-ness if you want a big, ballsy sound as opposed to Hendrix style Strat rock tone.
set it to bridge pickup alone, with a full treble tone control. new strings is also good.

there's a mod you can do to wire the bridge and middle in series, but I've never tried it so i don't know how it sounds.