I recently purchased a bugera 6260 + 4x12 bugera cab, im new to cabs and heads and this is my first amplifier head + cab, so i have some questions on how to connect them.
On the Head, there's an amplifer output and a preamp out and on the cab, there is a Left input and a right output, so im asuming you need to connect the amplifer output to the cab left input right? and there is also a Mono and steroe switch, witch one of these should you use? mono or steroe
edit: i have a 4x12 bugera cab, should the impedance be on 16 , 8 or 4?

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All cabs have different inputs and impedance's. Match the output impedance to the cab impedance. Mono is all 4 speakers, Stereo is either the right two or left two.. Just go amplifier out into the mono input and make sure you match the impedance switch to the impedance your going into on the cab.
Well the head is 120 watt and it says 4 ohm min speaker impedance and the cab says mono 16 ohms, so what should the impedance be on the amp?
First, make sure you have a speaker cable, NOT an instrument cable. Plug one end into any of the loudspeaker outputs on the head and set it to 16 ohms. Plug th eother end into the left input jack on the cab and set it t mono.
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