Okay, So I've been getting into alot of heavier death/heavy metal that involves a good amount of power cords and faster strumming on the lower strings. I'm using Extra Lights, and it just doesnt feel right. Whenever I get to playing fast on the lower strings, I can't seem to keep going without missing the string alot. Is this because I am a noob, or are the strings at fault here?

Oh yea, im using an Ibanez Gio
first of all, bull****. you wont miss strings because they're the wrong gauge. you miss them because you're not playing it right. if you're a noob it's because you havent been playing long enough and it just takes time to play fast and accurate. there is no right gauge for a specific tuning, but if you use light gauge strings with a drop tuning, like C or lower you will notice a difference. if you're using light gauge strings and playing in D, you won't really be able to tell. so basically just practice a bit more, if you're playing something fast, slow it down first and work your way up to full speed.
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Heavier or thicker gauged strings reduces slack? I'm about to buy a new electric but on my acoustic , I tried dropping the low E to low D and it's really flying all over the place when I play it.