I asked in the suggest me a song thread but I posted on friday and haven't got any answers and I'm kinda running out of time.

Bassically, I've been unbelievable inactive so I now need to find a song to play for our GCSE Music ensemble performance. We have a double to practise in on thursday but I'd like to find a song tonight.

I have:
me - a pretty good guitarist, an alright bassist (i do actually play bass), an ok-ish pianist and a very good violinist

guy 1 - quite a good (classical but will play rock) guitarist (who will be singing)

guy 2 - quite a good guitarist

guy 3 - an ok-ish pianist

I'd prefer a song that is popular, so the other people in my group will agree to it. I'd like my part to be reasonably hard (respective to my skill at whatever instrument you picked for me) and reasonably hard for guy 2. I'd like it to be easy to sing, and for other people in my to know it so it won't be so painful when we play it really badly.

It's hard to say with the instruments you've got, so i can't really help you there.
I'm doing my ensemble with a guitarist and drummer doing killing in the name of, easy and everyones knows it. We have until febuary though so im sure your not in a too big rush.
i do my ensemble next year because im in year 10 and we(the band) are just picking 2 songs each and well shortlist them to see which sounds best for eachother
go for what you find the easiest and what will give you the best mark, i'd go for violin with piano accompliment [sp?] anyway thats what my GCSE teacher told me to do and i did, walked away with an A* for the performance
you could try try rockschool grade 3 piece

guy 1 or 2 could play bass ,
guy 3 could play chords .
play along with cd , or use a drum machine or drummer ?