My predictions have come true!

But seriously, I think it was just me that thought that he was pleaded guilty months ago.

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I snapped my high E once and sliced my finger open, so I can only assume snapping the low E would put me into a coma or something.
It seriously made sense for him to plead guilty. Prosecutors already had irrefutable evidence that he was behind the dogfighting ring.
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now the debate is... who will now take him if he gets reinstated?

um he wont ever be.

but here it is:

edit: probably wont be reinstated if they dont want to put up with him
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looks like matt ryan is way better anyway.

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I used to be a huge Mike Vick fan.

Needless to say, I now support Matt Ryan more than I ever supported Vick.

Don't really care for Vick now.

And it's a 3 year suspended sentence for anyone who wants to know.
o who cares? matt ryan pwns mike vick anyways, the falcons are doing good for the first time in forever

but, I'm a steelers fan anyways, even IF i live in ATL

Big Ben FTW!!!