Here's my question, I recently downloaded the Muse video for Fury, and I figured it out part of it; but then I realized that Bellamy's Manson has a sustainer pickup installed on it. I've been interested in the sustainer pickups for a while, so I decided to look into getting one. What is the cheapest way to get a guitar with a sustainer in it?
I only want to experiment with it, so as long as it functions properly it's all good.
I'm thinking about just putting the pickups in a cheap Ibanez or something.
The only problem I can see is: finding a guitar with active p-ups for cheap, or routing a hole for the battery if I get a passive guitar.
Lol a friend of mine who i went to school with had a sustainer pedal taped onto his guitar, Right under the bridge.

So he could easily acces the knobs with his hand.
If thats not helpping you then i dunno whut you're talking about

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Moog pedal? Or something else?

Im not the best guy when it comes to sustainer pedals.. I went the other route and just made the guitar sustain better by adding a ton of mass and other little odd and ends. But im sure someone here can lead you in the right direction.