Hey Guitar world- I am looking into purchasing a Marshall Vintage modern head. My question is should i get the 100 watt head for the head room or just stick with a 50 watt which is what i have been using. How much louder is the 100 than the 50 and is it a noticeable difference.

Thank you- Nick
just stick with the 50 watt
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The difference in volume between 100W and 50W is very minimal, but you should be able to crank the 50W a little easier, though still probably not ideally. Either way, with a Marshall, I'd definitely go with the 50W.
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the fifty watts is the better choice.
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There won't be much of a volume difference in volume. Headroom and bass response will be the differences you notice most. There's no way for me to know whether or not you need more headroom, so...do you? If not, the 50 will be just fine.
Of course, if you can try them out it would be best to do so.

Both amps are pretty loud, and you're not going to get much power tube distortion, so the difference between the 50 and 100 comes down to personal preference.
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id go with the 50. you probably wont get to crank the 50 but you definatly wont be able to crank the 100 without an attenuator